Lindsy & Cody - Country, Classic Wedding

 Lindsy and Cody first came to me last year about shooting their engagement session and from there I did Lindsy's bridals and recently shot their beautiful outdoor wedding.  The wedding was held in the backyard of the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum in Piggott, AR.  I had never been to this museum, nor did I know it existed and it's only 45 minutes from my childhood home in Missouri!!

It was a gorgeous wedding with beautiful details and elegance.  I loved the rustic, classy feel it had.  The color scheme for fall was perfect.  I guess it reminded me of my wedding a little since my anniversary was 3 days after her wedding.  
Without further ado....

Isn't she stunning?!?

These are the 8 best friends that anyone could have haha... these girls were such a fun time!

Loved her shoes!!!!

Like I said..."I don't know what to do with my hands???"
Every wedding....every time. BUT that's ok! It always seems to make everyone laugh.

My own grandmother makes ring pillows, such as this one! She made mine as well for my wedding! :)

I loved this!  I think it was one of the groomsmen that asked me before the ceremony started..."Would it be ok if we all high-fived Cody as we walk past??"  My response..."ummm, YES!!!" *sorry Lindsy*  I thought it was funny and definitely lightened the mood even more. :)

Done and done!

Who did your hair & makeup? Cheyenne Wilson

Who was your florist?  Bishop Florist

Where was the ceremony site? Hemingway-Pfieffer House and Museum

Where was the reception held? Knights of Columbus hall Glennonville, mo

Who was your DJ? Rodney Morgan

Cake was made by? Debbie ward

Dress designer? Sottero and Midgley

Bridesmaid dresses? David's bridal

Men's tuxes? Jim's Formal Wear

First dance? Meantime by Matt Stell

Honeymoon location? Antigua

What was the most memorable moment from the day? Waiting upstairs in the barn with all the girls and peeking out the window at the people outside while Cody was standing right below us! It was so exciting!

Any advice you have for future bride and grooms? Enjoy every detail of the day because it goes by so fast, breathe, and be genuine!

What was the funniest memory? (maybe also the most stressful!)lol The majority of my bridesmaids getting lost on the way to the wedding!

Thank you all for being such great fans!

All my best,

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