Katelyn's Senior Shoot-Class of 2011

  I had such a wonderful, fun, and innovative time shooting Katelyn's Senior Session with her.  I've known this girl since she was just a baby, I grew up with her oldest sister and have grown to love her entire family.  So, it was only fitting that we get together to take her senior pictures.
  We traveled throughout downtown Poplar Bluff and then out to country to do some more shooting.  She had so many creative ideas and we just bounced ideas off of each other all afternoon.  
Such a beautiful young lady.

Hope you enjoyed!!!
P.S. Thanks for laughing at my corny jokes!!! 


  1. hopefully it will be this way for me planning on looking into the nyc area to get representation from an agency.

  2. Thanks so much corey! You plan to move to NYC????


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