E-session surprise!!!!! E-session = Engagement Session

So, here's the deal.  Brad emailed me about a week ago asking me if I would be able to act AND be a photographer.  If my family knows me and I think they do, they know this was no problem at all to act.  Anyways, he asked if I could just "randomly" walk up to them at the park and tell them I'm an amateur photographer  and just ask to take some photos of them to practice, agreeing to send them the pictures!  Welllll she agreed to do so happily! Step one. CHECK!
So we did various poses and a few different locations around the park which was FULL of prom couples taking photos everywhere and then a tourist bus stopped by and unloaded.. yeah, they weren't from Missouri, Japanese tourist.  So I was so nervous that we wouldn't have any clean backdrops, but we did! YAY!  So as we made our way into the inside of the waterfall I took a few photos and then came the "proposal pose" I asked them to stand in and then I cued him "hey, why don't you pull a ring out of your pocket?"  
She was so shocked, it was beautifully perfect!
Check out the photos and ENJOY!

This is right before I asked them to do a "cheeesy proposal pose"

This next photo is right after I asked if we could do the "cheesy" proposal pose, ANNND then I told him to act like he was pulling a ring out of his pocket.. BUT in this case, HE REALLY WAS!!! Anna realized what was going on and was totally surprised! Nice Job Brad!
 Is this not the most AMAZING back drop for a proposal!  It was Brads idea to come to this park and do the shoot at the Williams Tower Waterfall, which he'd never been to, so I had to show up early and scout some photo opts, well I've been to the park, but the day my husband and I went it was so windy you couldn't get close to the waterfall without getting sprayed!! Inside is amazing!
She was so surprised!  It worked out perfectly!!
I REALLY hope you enjoyed this shoot as much as I did!!! 
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Thanks for letting me be apart of such a HUGE day!!

By the way....SHE SAID "YES!!!!"
Congratulations Brad and Anna!

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  1. Im very extremely impressed!! what a great capture! Beautiful Work!!!! - photographer meagan sharum


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