What not to wear?

Do not wear anything that you do not feel comfortable in. I have a PINTEREST board labeled "what to wear" that will have plenty of inspiration if you're at a loss.
Make sure to: bring a good mix of jeans, casual, and a dress.

For engagement or family sessions, you don't have to be twins and match perfectly.  Variety is great.  Color schemes are great.  You don't have to all be wearing the same exact colors though.  
For the gents: jeans, collared shirts or sport coats
For the ladies: bright, fun jewelry, colorful jackets or sun dresses, or even fun shoes or heels
Depending on what type of outfits you choose will determine the background at the locations we will use. 


I allow you to choose up to 2 locations within driving distance of each other, that can be easily reached from one location to the next leaving time for shooting and driving to each location.  As previously stated, the locations you choose will determine which outfits we will use.  If you don't choose your own location or can't think of the perfect spot, just let me know what your looking for and we can discuss the perfect location for your session.

Rescheduling a session?

If you need to reschedule a session please let me know at your earliest convenience and the earliest we can re-shoot.

Model Release?

When you come to the session I will have a model release for you to sign.  This is to legally allow KDP to display your images online via blog, social network and website.