Christie + Drew Wedding

I had the greatest honor to shoot this wedding! Christie was up for anything I wanted to try, which makes for a really fun day!  Christie and Drew are the most precious couple.  He just recently graduated from the Air Force and is now going to continue training here in Texas.  They were married in San Antonio a gorgeous city and home of the Alamo! (i've always wanted to go there) They were married in front of the city court house in downtown with one of the oldest churches in the country towering behind them, along with a beautiful waterfall....ok, enough rambling! I now present the Payne Wedding! 
Enjoy and feel free to leave comments!  

How adorable is she?!

I think this photo below is just DREAMY!!! This church was absolutely b-e-a-u-ti-ful!!!!
Not to mention the hot couple standing in front of it!

These fine young men stood by Drew as he awaited his gorgeous bride...!

I loove this next photo.... they are just so precious together!

HELLO......how cute is he?!

I hope you enjoyed this set as much as I did!


  1. Nice Kayleigh, great stuff, your in the right place for wedding portraiture

  2. MUCH appreciated Corey!! Especially coming from you!! Thank you!


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