The Faughn Family

While I was back home in Poplar Bluff, MO I was asked if I would do a session of the Faughn Family. Of course, I said "YES!"  Sarah is one of the happiest people I've met, she's a ball of fun.  Anyways, Sarah says to me, "Can we get the pictures with the boys taken first, that way they can change" or something close to that, but that's totally normal.  I don't think I've met too many men or boys that just LOVE having their picture taken, but I must say- the men are wearing my favorite color...GREEN and then we have the green trees...and grass...and the vineyard...I think that's it. 
Well I hope you enjoy! It was a pleasure!
I love this color scheme so, so much!  Sarah helping set up my wedding decor on my wedding day and remembered that I loved green! Not that they chose green for ME!! but I can think that...right?
I LOVE this image of the three of them.  Sarah will do anything to make Millie laugh and smile.  You can definitely tell they are a very loving, caring family.

This last image of Millie is one of my favorites because A. There's so much green! B. I love the little vineyard they have growing in their back yard. C.  Because Millie was probably saying "I want to go inside and get a cookie."  But said in more of a little girls voice.  D. Because Millie is so stinkin' cute in that tutu!!!
I think that about covers it.

I hope you all enjoyed!

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