Jonah's-Senior Session

Jonah was another one of my senior sessions I had while back home in Missouri.  First, this was probably the coldest day of the year. Absolutely freezing.  I had on my huge Northface and gloves and scarf and hat and I was till freezing, so I know Jonah was miserable.  BUT he stuck it out like a true champ.  He plays soccer for PBHS so I'm sure he's played in some brutal conditions before.  
I was so excited to do this shoot with him because I had the opportunity to finally do another session on my family farm but this time it was at an abandoned house and barn that I love to visit.  I'm just guessing here, but I think that last time someone lived there was in the 1930's? Either way, it's just a world of wonder and we had a blast. Hope you enjoy and congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Jonah!


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