Excuse me Thursday, I'm trying to get to Friday....

This has been a pretty slow week for me.
Which is odd.
My weekdays usually seem to go by quickly.
And weekend seem long.
It's true.
I haven't quite figured out how and why.
But if I do, I'll let you know.

This week is slow because my SE is out of town.
Yes, he's in Australia this time.
Darn his job that pays him to travel. ;)
kidding....not really
I want his job.
*(SE = husband's initials a.k.a. my SE)

Well, in honor of him being in Australia,
I thought I'd share a couple pictures he sent me...
from down unda'
They're mostly from his hotel rooms
since he works in cities 100% of the time.
(100% unedited iPhone pics)

 *From his hotel in Melbourne, VIC, AUS

*From his room in Perth. It looks so unreal. I LOVE AUS!

I'll now share with you are few from when
I traveled there for 3 months with a school program.
Sooooo here we go! There's lot.
I had a few thousand to choose from,
so I selected random favorites.
Keep in mind, this is 2006. 
7 years ago.
I was skinnier and younger :(
Shot these with an Sony digital camera
that was the size of a small brick. 
They are also completely unedited.

above: Middle of nowhere New Zealand, next to Lake Pukaki
Below is what the water really looks like in person.  From the angle I took mine you can't really tell, but the water is surreal and seriously this color in person.
(not my image)

above: We took a camel ride through the desert near Alice Springs, Northern Territory
below: me with my camel, I believe his name was Frank? lol He was sweet. Which made it really hard for me to try camel meat less than an hour later at the restaurant they took us to. :(

above: me with some of the 12 Apostles way outside of Melbourne in Victoria off of the Great Ocean Road.
Sadly, only 8 still remain standing. If you click here and view the panorama link you will see a recent, 
dizzy-ing view of them currently. 
below: Another shot of the apostles.
below: Another shot of the apostles.

 above: me in the ocean at Whitehaven Beach off the coast of Queensland. Breathtaking!
below: In the middle of the ocean, by way of the Great Barrier Reef. A-mazing!

 above: holding a Koala!!! A DREAM! He smelled like eucalyptus b/c that's what they eat and sleep in the trees.
below: me and the roo hanging out. They were amazing to be around and see such a large animal hopping! love it!

 above: My room mates throughout the whole trip. We are on top of Mount Nelson in Hobart, TAS, AUS click here for more detail.
below: Over looking the town of Hobart.

 above: in New Zealand in the Milford Sound on the west coast, south island.
below: at a Maori dinner show in NZ as well. Sadly, I can't remember the location.

Well, that's all for my throw back Thursday... makes me sad it's been 7 years!! 


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