Holiday Cookies-

I made half a batch of cookies tonight, which ended up making 63 cookies AFTER I ate alot of the dough.. its the best dough I've EVER had.  I make these cookies every year for Christmas time and they are wonderful!  They are called Neiman Marcus Cookies, which I'm sure some of your may have heard of.  They mainly consist of sugar, nuts, oatmeal, chocolate chips, chopped up Hershey bar, and butter plus a few other ingredients.  YUM they are so good!!! Anyways- they were so pretty and lovely looking i decided to share them with you!!! ENJOY!! I wish you could smell them...Mmmmm




the aftermath...


This bag isn't the final project, I had to refill- tie bows
and then they were finished...

All 63 cookies.. minus a few... They are too good not to eat!!
Especially hot and fresh!



I just LOVE giving away gifts from the heart at Christmas.. 
It's much more thoughtful than anything from a store, but that's just me. To each his own.. =]
If you would like this recipe (which I only made half of, just email me and
I'll be sure to pass it on to you!!
HOPE YOU ENJOYED THESE COOKIES!!!! REALLY wish you could smell them...de-lish!!

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