Tavia's Sesnior Session

Tavia was SOOOO sparky and fashionable!  She had the greatest outfits and ideas.  We collaborated so well on this shoot to create a one-of-a-kind for her.  

 This shot reminds me of an ad in a magazine... how stunning is she?!?!
 She wanted to do some shots at our local laundry cleaners and I couldn't have been MORE excited!
I've always wanted to and this was my chance! I love the way this shot turned out....we were having to be careful what we did because the lady on duty was very strict about what she'd let us do so we grabbed this in ONE SHOT!
 I snapped this shot as we were all walking down the street. Her best friend and my assistant for the shoot, Kaylee and I we were laughing and when Tavia turned around...SNAP!  She's so adorable.

Thanks for checking it out!

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