Taylor House- Senior Session

I know it's been a few weeks since I last blogged, please forgive me!
I "recently" went home, back to my hometown in Missouri and had the opportunity to shoot a few sessions.  Here we have Taylor who will be graduating and heading off the Kansas for school where he will be able to not only obtain an education, but also enjoy one of his biggest passions...ropin' and ridin'!! Taylor proudly received a scholarship to go to school which is a huge blessing to anyone.  I wish him well on his amazing journey and maybe you'll see him in Vegas one day(ropin' and ridin' of course)!!!!

He's a little more country than that.
 I had to take some shots of these amazing animals everywhere at his families farm.

 Look at that amazing smile when he laughs!
True story: this cow licked my hand...it's similar to rubbing your hand on tree bark. hmm.
I hope you enjoyed these! Taylor, you, your father, and your grandfather were sure a joy to hang around.  I wish you all the best new year!

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